If you’re thinking of applying for Navigate 2016 and not sure what you or your students will get out of the Summit, take a look at these testimonials we received from previous attendees about their experiences:

“The speakers were all so amazing and inspiring because of their belief in youth.”

“This weekend has motivated me…to make a difference and is a memory I will hold close to me for a long time.”

“This experience meant a lot to me because I feel as if I have even more power to save water.”

“The best experience I’ve had throughout all of high school!”

“I learned that saving the earth really starts with individual efforts.”

“It brought me together with people that care about the same things that I do.”

“You (the superstars of Navigate) have provided us with an amazing amount of joy and knowledge while providing us with a truly inspirational setting.”

“This experience means so much to me because it is a way to learn from the experts in a way we just can’t from a classroom.”

“Navigate 2014 was an absolute adventure.”

“I never knew how amazing and life changing one single weekend could be!”

“This experience has been so enlightening, special and inspirational. This has encouraged me to pursue being an environmental engineer.”

“I feel like maybe I am not the only one who wants to make a difference on this world.”

“These sorts of experiences have a lasting impact in students’ lives and provide opportunities not otherwise available.”

“The education we received this weekend will be with us forever.”


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