Teams that attend Navigate will complete a education leadership project, bringing home the themes and learning from their experience in Canmore. These projects will promote environmental literacy and stewardship across the province, in each of the participating teams’ hometowns or schools! The types of projects we are excited to see come out of Navigate will be a mix of education/awareness projects, facilities projects, citizenship/policy projects, local restoration/conservation projects, and other creative initiatives students come up with!

Past Projects

The ripples from Navigate 2012 & 2014 & 2016 have spread as the education and experience from the last water summit transformed into meaningful projects in schools and communities across Alberta. The stories below are a snapshot of the hard work and commitment of a truly amazing group of students and teachers.

Forest Lawn High School, Calgary

This technology savvy team submitted a unique video proposal that they completed while at the summit! Linking water to their school’s over environmental sustainability plans the team has a list of efficiency projects that will reduce their schools water footprint and water bills; plans include, installing water resistors on all the faucets, install push-down taps, and share their summit experience with the whole student body though a water conservation awareness campaign.

Siksika High School, Siksika First Nation

This team has been busy pulling together several ideas to make a splash in their community! First, they plan to assess water quality at the school using kits from the Alberta Lake Management Society. Armed with this experience they will connect with the Siksika Land Management Department and Cows & Fish  to lead their community through a riparian assessment on Wolfe and Crowfoot Creeks near their school. In addition to this, 2 weeks upon returning from Navigate 2012 the team prepared and presented this amazing summary of their experience – Siksika’s Water Literacy Journey

Fox Creek School, Fox Creek

This team has made it their mission to raise awareness about water in their school and community and they have the whole school involved! They have plans to conduct a water audit, initiate school-based stewardship incentives and create a new Eco-Team that will carry the legacy and momentum for many years to come!   Not only are they making headlines at school, check out this great article from their local paper – High school students make a splash in Alberta’s water future, Fox in Focus

Watch their ‘prezi that outlines this comprehensive and creative water literacy plan!

Paul Kane High School, St. Albert

This dedicated team has been busy collaborating with City of St. Albert’s River Edge Enhancement Project (REEP). The team will be setting up water education stations and lending a hand during a community wide river valley clean up and tree planning event. And that’s just the beginning as they plan to share information on watersheds, aquatic health and stewardship at a neighboring elementary school. If you don’t get the chance to connect with the team from Paul Kane at these events be there be sure to read all about them in the St. Albert Gazette  – Students gush about water conservation

Our Lady of Mount Pleasant, Camrose

We can’t wait to see the ‘claygo’ (lego + claymation) video project that this water literacy team will be filming on May 11. They will use the video along as part of a presentation for their student body as well as local elementary schools. Linking to virtual water, a concept they explored at the summit, the video will showcase everything from water sources to water conservation and aims to educate and inspire their whole community to get involved with ‘Mission H2O’  – a local water conservation initiative.

McNally High School, Edmonton

Upon returning to school after the summit the students were committed to ensuring that the whole school recognizes their connections to the North Saskatchewan River and that they are all part of a watershed. Using monthly water bulletins and promoting a ‘Love our River’ day the team has inspired the school to create their newest group – the McNally High School Eco-Club!

Lloydminster Comprehensive High School, Lloydminster

A small team with a big vision! Revitalizing the greenhouse while reducing water use is a lofty goal but this team has a plan, read all about it in this great article by the  local paper –  Spilling over with water-use ideas

David Thompson High School, Condor

This plan has got it all from Education to Environmental Monitoring, and from water audits to school-based water improvements. The students and teachers from David Thompson are making a splash. Much of their plan is linked to the wilderness study curriculum so it will become an lasting part of the school’s culture. Read all about David Thompson High School’s  Water Projects.

Louis St. Laurent High School, Edmonton

Linking directly to their IB projects this team has developed a comprehensive curriculum-relevant plan! They have created 3 water projects that focus on some really interesting research questions. 1) Water consumption in Alberta’s oil sands and effects on drinking water supply, 2) The removal of pharmaceuticals during waste water treatment processes and 3) The impacts of human activity on groundwater in the Wagner Natural Area. We are really looking forward to learning along with Louis St. Laurent.

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