Prepare to Set Sail with Navigate and Inside Education!

What is Navigate?

Navigate is an opportunity for students and teachers to come together on a school or community project that creates a lasting impact. Your school’s Navigate project is fully supported from start to finish by Inside Education with the pinnacle gathering being the leadership summit occurring March 8-11, 2018The Navigate 2018: Water and Environmental Leadership Summit is organized by Inside Education and brings together students and teachers from across Alberta to learn together and work towards advancing environmental literacy in our province. The multi-dimensional summit has been designed to inspire ideas, discussion and action in Alberta’s young environmental leaders.
Navigate 2018 is a continuation of Inside Education’s award-winning programs – Navigate 2012, 2014 & 2016 and Generate 2011, 2013 & 2015, 2017.


Why a Navigate Summit?

The three-day Navigate summit is a fun and unique opportunity for students and teachers to learn together and advance environmental education in Alberta. The multi-dimensional summit has been designed to inspire ideas, discussion and action in Alberta’s young environmental leaders.

Navigate is an opportunity to for students and teachers to:

  • Gain insights from experts, innovators and young leaders
  • Engage in hands-on workshops and demonstrations that bring water and environmental issues to life.
  • Expand networks and create lasting memories with like-minded students and teachers
  • Explore the important and timely issues of climate change and water in our province.
  • Be empowered to share new founded knowledge and understanding through a meaningful school-based Environmental Leadership Project.
  • Be inspired to make meaningful change.
  • Attended a professional summit that reduces its environmental impact by choosing sustainable practices.


The topics

  • The Navigate summit aims to promote fluency in science, technology, issues, and careers that shape Alberta’s environmental landscape.
  • Sessions will examine multiple perspectives related to the most current and emerging topics related to natural resource development in our province including climate change, species at risk, water management, energy development, and more!


The approach

  • The summit will feature a one-of-a-kind summit structure educational jigsaws following the TED philosophy.
  • Plenary sessions for teachers and students to learn together will be complemented by parallel programming to add value for each audience.
  • Concurrent programs aim to enable both students and teachers to apply their learning back in the classroom.


The impact

  • Teams will start working on a environmental leadership project that will encourage awareness, understanding and excitement about summit topics in their schools and communities.
  • Students and teachers will gain valuable connections, resources and the confidence to become water ambassadors for Alberta.


What can my school expect at the Navigate summit?

Inside Education invites Alberta high school teachers to bring a team of two teachers and four students to beautiful Canmore March 8-11, 2018 for an exciting weekend of learning.

Your team will take part in a variety of workshops, sessions and activities to gain a better understanding of the most current issues and multiple perspectives in Alberta’s water landscape.  You will meet leading experts to gain information and resources related to the science, issues, innovation and careers associated with water and our environment. We’ll have lots of fun too, with plenty of opportunities to network and socialize with like-minded students and teachers.

Your team will leave refreshed and ready to make a meaningful splash as you return to your school and community.  Your challenge will be to implement an environmental leadership project to share your learning with others.

PS…this opportunity is all-expenses-paid!