Water 101

Jay White
Biologist, Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd.

A “Water 101” session – running the students through Water in Alberta. Jay will intro students to watersheds (how they work), various types of water bodies (lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, etc) and will also introduce water and human use (including agriculture, industry, human consumption, etc.)

NAVIGATE CARES – Water Aid in Canada

keita_hillKeita Hill
Fellow in Drainage Engineering Engage North

The melting Arctic presents new challenges and opportunities, especially in water. In this talk, Keita will share his experiences working on drainage plans while learning about Inuit culture through an Engage North placement in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Engage North is a University of Alberta initiative to bring students to Canada’s North to work on community chosen projects.



Forest Management and Water Resources

Mike_wagnerMichael Wagner
Forest Hydrologist, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Michael will discuss the impact forest resource extraction has on various components of water resources and watershed management. He will also highlight approaches that the government of Alberta uses to manages both resources for the benefit and enjoyment of all Albertans.

How Water and Oil Mixes: A look at water use in the oil sands mining

rkguestRodney Guest
Manager of Environmental Excellence, Suncor Energy

We will go on a 30 min whirl wind journey on water use in oil sands mining. We will talk about the complex issues swirling around water and funnel them down to some simple key issues and how industry is working collaboratively to develop innovative solutions on water management.

Energy Fundamentals: Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Use

Kevin Beneteau
kevin2 (1)Manager, Water Stewardship, Encana Corporation

This presentation will provide you with an overview of hydraulic fracturing, the reasons why water is crucial to the future of unconventional hydrocarbon resource development and some

innovative solutions where Encana is focusing to utilize deep groundwater for our operations.

Irrigation in Alberta: Transforming water to food

ron mcmullinRon McMullin
Executive Director, Alberta Irrigation Projects Association

Alberta’s irrigation districts use more water than any other water licence holder in Alberta. Although irrigation supplies communities, wetland projects, and businesses with water, the main use of the water is to grow food. We will discuss how much water it takes to grow the food and fibre people need. Because the districts are stewards of water, they are very mindful of using water efficiently and effectively so the districts have created a Conservation Efficiency Productivity plan and have made significant progress in using less water while growing more. Woven in the talk will be “where does the water comes from, how does it get to farms and then to the crops, and why do plants need water.”



First Nations – Relationship with Water

Kim Shade kim shade
Manager Aboriginal Engagement and Relationships, South
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development


One Big City on Two Small Rivers

Cat_LairdCatriona Laird
Public Program Coordinator, The City of Calgary Water Services

This presentation will provide an overview of the City of Calgary’s precious water resources, how we use water in our City and what our plans are to protect our rivers and drinking water. The challenges we face for the future of water and some recent successes from our work will also be highlighted.

Provincial Water Policy – An Update

andy_ridge_5Andy Ridge
Executive Director, Water Policy Alberta Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

This presentation will outline key areas of recent and future focus for water policy items in the Alberta.  It will also highlight key themes and factors influencing the policy context and direction of these actions.  The intent is to provide greater understanding and awareness of Alberta’s water resources.

Watershed Conservation – What does it take for water to run downhill?

j_brunenJerry Brunen
Executive Director, Western Sky Land Trust

Wetlands, riparian areas and streams are important natural elements of healthy watersheds. People are important too but our work, recreation, industry and infrastructure have major impacts to the natural ebb and flow of water. What is this all about? How important and far reaching? Current conservation measures will also be explored.



Water Use in SAGD Development

Amberly_DoolyAmberly Dooley
Environment and Regulatory Supervisor, Devon Canada

An overview of the SAGD bitumen extraction process and the associated water needs as well as technologies currently being used by industry to manage water use and those being explored for potential future implementation.

The South Saskatchewan River Basin (SSRB) – Adaptation to Climate Variability Project

Eden, LaurenLauren Eden
Researcher, Alberta WaterSMART

Water is fundamental to community sustainability and growth and the way water is managed in the South Saskatchewan River Basin (SSRB) will be critical in the face of changing weather patterns. The SSRB Adaption to Climate Variability Project has significantly advanced climate adaptation resilience in the SSRB, leaving a legacy of data, information and tools that can be applied to future development decisions throughout the SSRB.

Water and the Climate Connection

Jon_FennelJon Fennell
VP, Geosciences & Water Security Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd.

The water we see and experience each year is closely tied to our climate.  Yet our climate is not a static entity and is ever-changing in relation to the cycles of nature and human influence.  The effects these changes have on our snow packs and rainfall events can significantly influence the hydration state of our basins and ultimately our risk exposure to drought and flood events.  This presentation will take a look at how our water resources are affected by climate, and what the future may hold in a warming world.



Wanna be a water steward? There’s an app for that

GlennHeadshot2013Glenn Isaac
Riverkeeper/Executive Director, North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper

Utilizing the Waterkeeper Alliance Swim Guide app and website to inform, connect, and protect our waters. Everyone can become a guardian and steward of our waters and health with the Swim Guide. “Citizen engagement with a click of a button.”

Alberta Watersheds and How We Care

natalieNathalie Stanley
Education and Outreach Coordinator, Battle River Watershed Alliance

Nathalie will be giving us the low-down on the watershed world in Alberta.  As a member of a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC), Nathalie will provide us with an insider’s view of how your watershed is being managed.

Journey of LEAFS from a Student Perspective

Lacombe_EcoLacombe Composite High School EcoVision Club
EcoVision Student Leaders, LCHS EcoVision

Lacombe Educational Aquaponics Foods System (LEAFS) is a student interdisciplinary initiative where students are learning about food security, culinary arts, the environment, agriculture, science, business, leadership and fabrication as they build a Tilapia aqua-culture system that is hooked into a hydroponics vegetable garden. Be inspired as you learn about the students journey.


Riparian health check up – visiting the ecology doctor

NoreenNorine Ambrose
Executive Director, Cows and Fish – Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society

Riparian areas are the areas next to streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands.  They are critical to water quality protection, flood and droughts mitigation and are the “natural infrastructure” we need to manage and keep healthy.  Measuring ecological health requires that we look at some key characteristics like vegetative cover, deep binding roots, and other relevant features.  Can you tune your eyes to see these things?

Measuring frozen water (snow)

Shelley_HShelley Humphries
Aquatic Specialist, Parks Canada – Banff, Yoho and Kootenay

Shelley will lead a short field trip activity where students will have a hands on opportunity to measure snow.  Students will use the methods outlined in the Snow Survey Sampling Guide from the Province of BC.

Puppets to inspire water literacy


Wendy Passmore-Godfrey
Artistic Director, WP Puppet Theatre

“Pigs in a Canoe and Other Watery Stories” is WP Puppet Theatre’s newest production and provides connections to water issues, history, science and fun for children aged 4- 12 and their families or schools. Wendy will talk about the impetus and process to produce this awareness raising show and the response to date. Participants will then have a chance to try their hand at puppets and make a quick multi operator puppet and ‘play it’ to message their own water literacy projects. Lots of fun and creativity!

Alberta Virtual Town Hall: The Future of Water Conservation in Alberta

Terry Godwaldtpicture_of_terry_for_conferences
Founder/International Facilitator
The Centre for Global Education

Calling all Alberta high schools!! Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development wants to hear from you!! To that effect, the Ministry is working with the Centre for Global Education to hold a Provincial Virtual Town Hall on the future of water conservation in Alberta. Through this project, students will be working with key water stakeholders to create a White Paper, on behalf of the youth of Alberta, on their vision for water conservation in this province. This “archetype of grassroots democracy” will be the culmination of over a month of online team work, will then be presented to Alberta government and industry leaders from across this province. This session will provide direction, tools, and skills for students and teachers to get involved in this amazing initiative, without even leaving your school, and become meaningfully engaged in the future of our province.

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