Education doesn’t stop at the summit!

“I learned that we can make a difference and our goals are possible.”

– Kate, student participant

“My mind has been buzzing the entire weekend here because of the many solutions we could put into action in the future to help the environment”

– Pascale, student participant

Your team can be ambassadors in your school and community by sharing your passion for Alberta’s environment by developing and implementing a unique Environmental and Water Leadership Project. Here’s a little information to help get your ideas flowing.


What is the project?

The goal of the project is for your team to promote water and climate education and stewardship in your school and community. Your project will take the knowledge and experience your team gains at Navigate, and meaningfully engage your school and community.

Project possibilities are limitless: create a presentation, hold a water stewardship day, create a video, mentor younger students, improve your school’s water footprint or build on an existing school project.

The sky is the limit! Be as creative as you wish!


Getting Started

Large scale projects like this can seem daunting – but don’t be disheartened! The Inside Education Team will be there to support project development throughout the process. Some helpful items to keep in mind while you work on the project:

  • Who will be your audience and what is the best way to share the summit with them?
  • Does your project connect directly or indirectly to water and climate topics discussed at the summit?
  • How will your project promote positive environmental stewardship behaviours?
  • Is your project student-led? (From experience we know that these projects are the most successful)
  • How will you know if your project has been a success?
  • Have you set achievable goals and timelines?
  • Most importantly, is your team motivated and inspired by the project?


Need some inspiration? Check out some of these projects from past summits and start planning your school’s legacy!



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