Navigate Leadership Project

Education doesn’t stop at the summit!

Think about ways your team can be ambassadors in your school and community and share your passion for Alberta’s environment with your school, community, province or even country by developing and implementing a unique environmental leadership project.

After you attain knowledge and experience from Navigate 2016 it’s up to you and your team to put your ideas into action. Project possibilities are limitless: create a presentation, hold a water stewardship day, create a video, mentor younger students or build on an existing school project.

Project types:

  • Education/Awareness Project
  • Facilities Project
  • Local Restoration/Conservation Project
  • Citizenship/Policy Project

Check out some of the past projects from Navigate 2012 & 2014 and Generate 2015 and then start planning your school’s legacy!

Some helpful items to keep in mind while you work on the project: who will be your audience, how will you know if your project has been a success, have you set achievable goals and timelines, and most importantly, is your team motivated and inspired by the project?

The sky is the limit! Be as creative as you wish!


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