Inside Education and Navigate 2012 welcomed the following guests who lead discussions on stewardship, conservation and innovation of Alberta’s water resources.

Julia Ko, Water Policy and Program Coordinator, Water Matters

Julia joined Navigate to discuss the theme water stewardship, conservation and innovation. Julia insight guided discussions around water lifecycles and water footprints help develop understanding of our role in water conservation and how that links to the big picture of water conservation and stewardship in Alberta. Julia has been involved in several Inside Education professional development programs. Learn more about Julia Ko here and check out her recent articles and publications: Open Letter: Water for Alberta’s RiversWhat Happens to Conserved Water?Drilling Down: Groundwater Risks Imposed by In Situ Oil Sands DevelopmentManaging Dams and Rivers for Ecosystem Health

Lori-Ann Eklund, Jumpingpound Creek Watershed Partnership

We were pleased to welcome Lori-Ann, a passionate member of a local water stewardship organization to share her insights on water stewardship at a community level.  By highlighting the importance of pro-active management, the Jumpingpound Creek Watershed Partnership is an excellent example of how community action can help maintain the long-term health of a watershed.  The recently developed Jumpingpound Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan showcases how multiple stakeholders can work collaboratively towards a common goal and shape the future management practices of such an important resource. Lori-Ann’s commitment and dedication to sound water management and local action inspired the summit participants and their projects.

Carolyn Campbell, Conservation Specialist, Alberta Wilderness Association

We were pleased to welcome Carolyn to share her insights on water stewardship at a community level.  By emphasizing the value of community involvement in stewardship initiatives, she provided tools and information that will help shape your water literacy projects and highlight the importance of these projects beyond the boundaries of the weekend’s summit. Learn more about the AWA here.



Ecole Lacombe Composite High School – EcoVision Club

Check out their presentation here – Lacombe Ecovision

These students are making a difference! The purpose of Eco-Vision is to lower the impact of the school’s ecological footprint by making it more environmentally friendly. Ultimately, they hope our actions will continue to positively impact our local and wider community while encouraging and inspiring students, partners and individuals to take action. We were inspired to hear about the fantastic initiatives that are possible at the school level. Check out Lacombe Ecovision

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